3 Ways to Take Care of Carpets at Home to Stay Clean

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Learning how to take care of carpets at home is one of the important things for you to understand because if your carpet is dirty, it will be a comfortable place for germs. As we know that carpet is one of the home appliances that must always be cleaned routinely because if you do not care about the condition of your carpet, then people who visit your home will not feel comfortable there for long.

Below we will inform you about how to take care of a good carpet at home in order to maintain the quality of the carpet due to incorrect care, it can even cause the color or motif on the carpet to fade. To maintain your carpet correctly, you can hire the Zionsville Carpet Cleaning to take care of your carpet so your carpet will stay clean and good.

  1. Carpet placement

The first way you should consider is regarding the placement of your carpet. Maybe you already understand that the carpet is easily exposed to dust or germs, especially if the carpet is often stepped on or occupied.

Therefore, to prevent your carpet from being exposed to dust and being a suggestion for germ growth, we recommend that you do not place it in a place or room that has a fairly high level of activity. In addition, you should also avoid laying or placing the carpet in a place close to shoes.

It is intended that the dust that was originally attached to the shoe or shoe rack does not move to the carpet because the shoe rack is one of the convenient places for breeding germs. You are advised to put more carpet in the bedroom, living room, or you can also place it in the workspace.

  • Install the mat

To help reduce or minimize the spread of dust and germs, we recommend that it is important for you to install the mat. Install some doormats in your house so that when you or someone else wants to step on the carpet, it is recommended that you do so first.

Even so, you also have to routinely clean your doormats because the doormats can also be one of the places to spread dust and germs so that it is feared it could even be the cause of you and your family getting sick. In other words, even if you install a doormat to minimize the spread of dust, you also have to routinely clean your mat so that you don’t experience dust accumulation.

  • Wash the carpet regularly

To make your carpet stay clean and maintained its quality, then all you have to do is to wash it regularly. How often do you have to wash the carpet? Actually, washing carpet too often is also not a good thing.

We recommend that you wash your carpet regularly at least twice a year or once every six months. The materials that you use to wash your carpet should also use natural ingredients that do not fade the color of your carpet.

You can use a mixture of lemon juice, water, salt, and vinegar and then you spray it on the stain or other parts of your carpet, then you clean it slowly. This herb has indeed proven to be very effective in helping to lift stubborn stains on your carpet.