22. 5 reasons why you may need to get a travel insurance?

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Going on a tour around the world always gets us excited and thrilled for the experience. But sometimes, this pleasant voyage can quickly become a distressing and terrible affair.

While you are busy sunbathing and enjoying yourself on one of the beaches in Bali, an unfortunate situation may creep up on you and leave you miserable and dilapidated. This is when investing in a quality travel insurance plan before the trip can be the smartest decision you made about the entire trip.

Is getting a travel insurance plan before a trip really worth it?

We will be honest with you, it is not always necessary – or wise – to purchase a travel insurance before making a trip. Unlike needing an automobile insurance to drive a car, you are not required by law to have a travel insurance if you want to go globetrotting.

However, there are some circumstances where it is safer to pay the small cost of the insurance plan rather than risking losing out on a large amount later on. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on the occasions where buying travel insurance can be smart.

1.      A travel insurance plan will provide financial cover when you are visiting an expensive or high risk place

It is always sensible to purchase an insurance plan for your trip if the trip is going to be an expensive one – for example an international trip. This becomes especially necessary when the payments you make cannot be reimbursed and have to be paid upfront. Having a cushion of insurance money to fall back on in case you have to cancel your reservation at the pricey hotel is always a relief.

The same principle applies if you are visiting a place that is known for political unrest. The reason? Your trip to Afghanistan is much more likely to get cancelled or postponed than your vacation to Canada.

2.      Travel insurance plans are designed to pay for unforeseen medical emergencies

Being caught up with a surprise, nasty disease is always an unpleasant experience – no matter where you are. However, when you are stuck in a faraway, distant land with little or expensive medical attention to seek, the entire ordeal can become doubly troublesome. This is when your comprehensive travel insurance will come in handy.

3.      It is a good idea to get a travel insurance if you are susceptible to diseases or have a pre existing condition

If you are an individual whose immune system is not the most excellent one, you might want to consider getting a travel insurance before you make a trip. Same goes for the elderly, the infants and toddlers, or those with pre existing medical conditions that can flare up anytime.

4.      You can’t control or prevent bad weather, but you can safeguard yourself against it!

Always remember to buy an affordable yet comprehensive travel insurance plan when you are booking a flight to a destination known for its unpredictable weather. You never know when the next storm is going to come and may have to cancel or postpone the trip on short notice!

5.      Travel insurance has got your back in the event of a theft or if you lose your luggage

Losing your valuable, personal belongings can be extremely overwhelming – especially if it happens so far away from home! In such an unfortunate event, your travel insurance will help you bounce back from the trauma by at least compensating for the financial loss, even if it does not fully reimburse you for the trouble you went through.