We have the tendency as students to want to achieve the best from our dissertations. Mostly likely, and to most students, their dissertation is the most memorable part of their college life. The dissertation makes students need to go an extra mile, leave their cocoons and do thorough research. It is therefore your obligation to ensure that you give it your best so that you can get the best and never have a reason to regret.

The paragraphs below are tips on how you can make your tourism dissertation the best in your college. Note that these tips have been compiled within the 12 years I have been a dissertation expert and more so in tourism management.


If you are in control of topic selection, ensure that you select a tourism dissertation topic that you find interesting, a topic that you feel you will enjoy covering. This is … Read more

6 Smart Tips to Buy a Quality Secondhand House


As a basic necessity, everyone needs a place to live. Unfortunately, the current supply of homes is far below demand, so house prices are becoming very expensive.

Therefore, many people today buy used houses as an alternative to meet the needs of occupancy, because, in addition to the cheaper price compared with new homes, other advantages to buying a used house is liveable.

For those of you who currently want to buy a used house, here are tips on buying a quality used house

No intermediaries

Buying a used house directly on its owner is more advisable. Because you can ask directly about various things related to the house, such as early built, the environment around it, the reason to be sold and so forth.

Another advantage you are free to negotiate, so the price of a used house you can get cheaper. You can be more optimal in bargaining. … Read more

Stay in Les Ormes Tree House


Nature is a best place for us to avoid the negativity in this crowded world. Many people choose to live close to the nature because it can heal their feeling. Stay in tree house French is one of the best choices. Because of their routine activity, people want to be relaxed for awhile. Staying in tree house is the best answer for you.

Why tree house? It is true that there are also other places outside. But there is no harm to try tree house as the place for you to stay. It is more worth it than staying in conventional hotel. You can try to stay in tree house in Les Ormes, Brittany. It offers you some choices of tree houses for you and your family in spending your best moment.

Three houses in Les Ormes are inspired by the tree house in French, the location where the first … Read more

A Romantic Weekend in Venice


It inspired Shakespeare, Palladio, Canaletto and numerous other designers and writers, and was the birth place of Vivaldi. The floating city of Venice, located on a deep lagoon in the north of Italy, is the ideal place for a weekend break – and we were more than happy to visit!

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, we were eager to explore its winding streets, narrow canals and ornate architecture. Hidden alleyways are home to charming apartments, which combine shuttered windows, wrought iron gates, distressed paintwork, and the odd café with wicker tables and chairs. The locals are sleek and fashionable, always dressed to kill and sporting a pair of what look like Tom Ford sunglasses.

In the main streets, shops cluster together, touting hand-made Venetian wares such as exquisitely-embellished masks, delicate Burano lacework and colourful Murano glassware, and at every corner stands an extravagant Catholic … Read more

More Than Stocks: Don’t Neglect These “alternatives” When Thinking About Your Portfolio


In his book “Pioneering Portfolio Management”, Swensen describes the process that is making the Yale endowment the most successful strategy in investing. Most investors think in terms of equities, but we’ve known since the 50’s that the more types of risks and asset classes included in a percentage based portfolio, the more resilient and potent the returns are from re-balancing and hedging. With the shiller-PE near 34, it’s more important than ever to remember that “diversification” isn’t just for what (US) companies to own.

Many investors make the mistake of valuing their portfolio in their home currency without accounting for currency risk. They may own US equities, while valuing their portfolio in Euros, and will have seen dramatic declines during the latest bull run. In the past, paying 3-6 basis points (a point is .01{aa0b3fd8d4f6229cc96a3f816a51d9ae4c8df2019ccaebcb59304067d0e09163}) for a currency forward was the purview of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), but today the FX … Read more