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Saudi Arabia is the first Islamic state and is a hub of the Muslim ummah. The religion Islam originated from here and has a divine significance for the Muslims of the world. Most people have these queries in their minds that whether they need a visa to enter the borders or they need the passport alone? In the case of Saudi Arabia, you do need a visa and a passport both.  Saudi being a religion prone country has set specific rules and regulations. The law enforcement agencies won’t abide by any resistance for following these rules. For instance, any lady can’t travel alone. If she is forty-five and below, she can only go with a male companion unless no visa will be permitted. However, if she is older than forty-five, she preferably has to go with a group of other females but not alone. She should also have a letter of acceptance by the male head of the family. It should state that the male head has no objection to her traveling alone. 

For applying for a Saudi visa, you can follow two methods. First, you can go to the Saudi embassy and meet the visa consultant. There you’ll be given an application form after you’ve filled it up with correct information. As you submit the forms, you have to wait for some time for the arrival of the visa. It depends on your nationality that how much of time the processing will take. Second, you can apply for the visa electronically. Although, the facility was not available before due to religious constraints, now you can do it online. Most people ask that can we get a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia. The answer is no. The Saudi kingdom has given no such permission to any travelers, especially non-Muslims, to enter their land. However, different sources report that some amendments are under consideration and you might listen to any good news in the future.

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What are the types of visas in Saudi Arabia?

There are eight different types of visas offered by the Saudi monarch. Here are a few details about them.

Umrah and Haj Visa:

Umrah is a religious practice of Muslims. The participants of Umrah do not have to pay the Umrah fee. However, Haj is a religious obligation of every Muslim who is financially stable and has to do it at least once in his lifetime. The pilgrims must have two passport size attested photographs, a valid passport, medical certificate, and the application form. Some fee is charged by the Saudi authorities to cover the expense of haj.

Employment or work visa:

Many people visit Saudi Arabia for work purposes. Saudi has a vast oil industry, and a lot of employment opportunities seem fascinating for many people. Many workers came by a simple work visa, and later on, got settled here by converting into permanent residency. The Saudi monarch never offers any nationalities to the non-Arabic no matter how many years you’ve spent here in Saudi Arabia.

Some other types of Visas are family visit visa, permanent family visa, Saudi transit visa, and Saudi business visa.