3 Places in Chandigarh That Would Enthral Every Party Freak

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One of the earliest planned cities of India post-independence, Chandigarh is known internationally for its urban design and architecture. It was planned by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. Located in the foothills the city makes for a splendid vistas; the expanse of blue sky with the mountains in the backdrop. The city may seem familiar to Western visitors and a bit idiosyncratic to the rest of India given its way of living and functioning.

All its characteristics make Chandigarh one of the best places to visit for a break. Situated at about 260 kms from Delhi, weekend getaways to the place are pretty common. And Chandigarh never seems to disappoint you. It has something to offer to everyone. Be it the famous Punjabi culinary delights for the foodies, locations for sight-seeing, or places for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. You can find some of the best spas in Chandigarh that will help you refresh and restore your energy.

The place is also home to quite a few happening party places. People here love swaying to amazing music and enjoying a drink or two. There is no shortage of pubs, bars and discs. The vibrant nightlife of Chandigarh makes it one of happening cities in India. Choose from an array of pubs to enjoy a great night with your friends and family.

  1. Ministry of Bar Exchange: This bar has a quirky way of providing drinks to its customers. Like at a stock exchange, the prices of drinks here keeps on fluctuating with time based on their demand and supply. So the price at the time of your ordering is what you pay for your drink. They have some amazing dishes to fill your stomach and an overall fun vibe to the place. It is located in sector 26.
  2. Score Pub: A sophisticated club, Score Pub is a place for the elite. The
    place has a trendy décor and a relaxing ambience. The music scenes at this pub would turn any sombre soul to jump and dance the night away. Located in sector 8C, this pub has great food you can treat yourself to.
  3. The Great Bear: This is the place to be for all beer lovers. The place has
    all the exquisite brands and is a favourite among the people for its décor and ambience. They also have a microbrewery with German beer like Golden Ale, Wheat Beer, and German Bock among others. The pub also serves some of the finest single malts, wines, and martinis.

The next time you plan a visit to Chandigarh, do not miss out on these amazing places to experience the nightlife of the place. You can book your stay at The LaLit Chandigarh and enjoy a laid back, extravagant vacation. One of the best five star hotels in Chandigarh, the place redefines luxury and provides you an unforgettable experience.