Vacation in Bangkok Without a Tour Guide, Exciting!

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Thailand has now become one of the countries that are ogled by tourists from various countries. Costs incurred for a vacation to the White Elephant Land is not too expensive. Especially if you are smart in planning a trip. Like finding Bangkok Novotel in a strategic central area that allows you to be close to the city centers and Bangkok tourist attractions.

Here are some successful plans for a vacation in Thailand:

Explore Pattaya on Day One

The first day of a vacation to Bangkok begins with exploring Pattaya. From the airport, the journey begins by taking a bus to the Mo Chit terminal. From here continue to Pattaya terminal, which takes 2 hours. The charm of Pattaya is no doubt. Many beach resorts to shopping centers with tempting prices.

Tourist attractions offered are also not small. There is a beach or dock to the charming Koh Larn Island. Pattaya Avenue can also be a nighttime destination. Here, many sellers offer a variety of heavy food, snacks, and accessories. Guaranteed to make shopping addictive.

Enjoy the Beauty of Jomtien Beach on Day Two

Besides the beach, Pattaya is also a lot of attractive tourist destinations such as floating markets and Laser Buddha. In addition, Jomtien Beach is also a recommendation when visiting this city. The place is quiet, but the beauty is fantastic. Well, it is located not far from Pattaya View Point and Big Buddha. If you do not want to be tired, roaming the city can drive a vehicle. Many people rent vehicles at varying prices. After a walk, visiting the shopping center is also not to be missed. There is a Mike Shopping Mall and Central Pattaya that can be destinations.

The beauty of a typical Thai building on Khaosan Road

Satisfied in Pattaya, on the third day back to Bangkok. The most appropriate destination is Khaosan Road. In this area, it is very crowded with many food stalls and street food with kicking taste. Many tourist attractions visited. Including Chao Phraya Wharf, which is ready to take to beautiful places by ship. Most of the places are interesting with typical Thai architecture. Like the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Chinese Town to Asiatique.

In Asiatique, there are many interesting spots that can become background photos. There is even a large Ferris wheel that has become an icon of Bangkok. After satisfied photo here, do not forget to gut around it. There are many Thai specialties with special taste, like all-mango drinks.

Fun Vacation to Dream World

A vacation to Bangkok feels less if you haven’t been to Dream World. On the fourth day, it could be the right time to come here. From Khaosan Road, you can take a bus to Rangsit terminal. Well, the cost of the trip is around 25 bath/person. Dream World itself is an amusement park that has dozens of fun. There are also intragenic spots that can become background photos. Coming home from this amusement park, Victory Monument could be the next destination. Also to stop by the surrounding markets that offer clothes and food.

Hunting for souvenirs at Pratunam Market

A vacation to Bangkok on the fifth day continued to Pratunam area. This area is famous for shopping centers and wholesale markets. The price is cheap, even half a dozen children’s clothes are priced at 85 bath/pcs. Well, it could also be for traveler friends who want to hunt for souvenirs for people at home. Across the market, there is also Central World Bangkok and Platinum Mall. Well, here can be a place for lunch because the food is delicious and cheap.

On the last day in Bangkok, spend some time in the stomach. Only then continue the journey to the airport. Well, that’s an exciting vacation trip to Bangkok without a tour guide. What about a traveler friend, want to try traveling like this?