Tips for Staying at Star-rated Hotels for Beginners (2) on the previous article. For those of you who plan a vacation in the near future must have been busy looking for lodging or hotels. Moreover, school holidays and year-end holidays will soon arrive so many are hunting the hotel via online.

Finding a hotel is not as easy as we thought. In addition to be comfortable, the location of the hotel should also be located not far from the tourist object that we will go. And no less important is the price of the hotel should fit in the bag alias cheap.


Go into the bathroom, toiletries you can use for free. Call it soap, shampoo, and toothbrush. Usually the toiletries are placed in small containers, or in cardboard boxes. However, lest you bring home a towel, doormat, or hair dryer. Some of these items can not be brought home, including pillows and all other items in the hotel. Differentiate between mat and towel. The shape is similar and the color is usually the same. The folded mat is placed near the bathtub or shower, while the towel is folded at the top. Can be in the toilet or the top of the bathtub.

Key of the hotel

In star hotels, your room key will not be as conventional as a house key. The key given is in the form of a sensor card. Stay tap your card on the sensor that is on the outside of the door. This card also serves to turn on the electricity in the room. Do not forget to bring your every key out of the room Keep the cards away from electronic objects. If you carry valuables, star hotels usually have a safety deposit box. Keep your valuables in this box for safer.


The cost of staying in a star hotel includes breakfast, usually served buffet. Ask the hotel, where breakfast is served. Generally breakfast can be enjoyed at the restaurant’s mainstay restaurant. Also make sure the breakfast time is valid at the hotel. Typically, breakfast is served from 07:00 to 10:00.

Hotel facility

Do not hesitate to ask the hotel officer about the facilities and services available. For example spa, fitness, swimming pool, or even laundry room. Ask if you can use the facility for free. In addition, if you do not understand about how to operate fitness equipment that may be the first time you meet, it is better to ask the hotel officer first.


Usually star hotels have free internet facility (WiFi), but not provided free of charge. Ask in advance the internet facilities at the hotel, especially about the price. Even so, now many star hotels that also provide free WiFi. But you still have to make sure, whether WiFi is available in the entire hotel room or just in the lobby.

Pay attention to the luggage

Before leaving the hotel, do check back all your luggage. If there is any item left in the star hotel, it will usually be kept by the hotel. This is because when finding guest goods in the room, cleaning service (cleaning service) will hand it to the hotel. But it’s good you check all parts of the room, including the bathroom before check out.