Phuket, Favorite Travel Destinations in Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

The name Phuket is certainly no stranger to you lovers of traveling. Phuket itself is an island as well as a province in Thailand. The most famous of Phuket so far is the beautiful stretch of blue beach but because of the tsunami disaster last year, the damage suffered was quite severe. In Phuket itself, there are two major religions adhered to by the population namely Buddhism and also Islam as much as 17%. Phuket is one of the places visited by many tourists when they visit Thailand. In Phuket there are many hotels that you can use to stay, the best is Novotel. In addition to affordable prices, Novotel Phuket also has complete facilities, very suitable as a reference place to stay for you.

Tourist attractions in Phuket

Like tourist attractions and other cities, Phuket also has many tourist destinations. You can choose to visit anywhere as you wish. There are several reasons why Phuket is still a favorite place that many people visit in Thailand.

Various tourist destinations in Phuket are relatively affordable prices compared to other cities or provinces in Thailand. Then, in Phuket, there are also many places like islands with beautiful and charming offshore, rows of beaches with very clear water, and other options that are guaranteed to succeed in releasing the fatigue and stress that you feel so far.

All you have to remember is when going to Phuket, avoid going on vacation there when the rainy season arrives. The risk of strong angina at sea is very dangerous so the most recommended time for a vacation to Phuket is during the December to March range because the weather is good and not humid. If you like hot weather then come from April to May. Phuket provides a wide selection of tourist attractions for you to enjoy, one of which is cultural tourism. The following are some choices of cultural tourism to natural attractions during your vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

Cultural Attractions in Phuket

There are things that will make you fall in love when you first set foot in Phuket, Thailand. You can enjoy many choices of cultural tourism there that you may never encounter in your home country or other countries.

1. Loy Krathong Festival

This festival is also known as another festival of lights. Later you will see a lot of lights floating above the water. But there are also those who fly it in the air which is often known as the lanterns. When Loy Krathong is held, the whole of Phuket will be decorated with lots of lights that look very beautiful.

This festival is always held once a year around November. There is a belief held by the people of Phuket where when Loy Krathong is held, they will let the Krathong (lights) go floating and they will put coins or strands of hair on it and believe that Krathong’s departure is also followed by the departure of their sins. Very unique is not it? Traditions like this are still maintained and preserved there.

2. Hungry Ghost Festival

This festival has another name Por Tor which is very unique and is usually held in August every year. You will see how Chinese culture is very well preserved at the festival.

This is a Chinese ritual and you will find a lot of food, sacred candles, and flowers that will be placed on the altar that has been prepared. The purpose of this event is to provide offerings and food for spirits who have died so they can be free from the fires of hell during the festival month. Sounds strange but until now it still continues.

Nature Attractions in Phuket

Vacation and relieve fatigue in Phuket is most suitable if you choose tourist attractions that smell natural. Phuket is already famous for its beautiful nature but it turns out to have more than what has been preached to a wide audience. Do not let you miss an impressive vacation time with natural scenery and blue seawater in Phuket. There are many sea lakes that you can enjoy. If you want a holiday with white sand and blue sea, Phuket is ready to spoil you.

1. Patong Beach

This is a beach that is very popular with tourists. If you have ever been to Bali, this is a type of beach that is almost the same because it has a long coastline with a wide selection of beachside restaurants ready to accompany your vacation time there. On this beach, you can enjoy stunning sunset views. Don’t be afraid of accommodation problems because in Patong Beach you can also find shopping centers for shopping for groceries and beverages.

2. Phiphi Island

This is one of the islands in Thailand whose beauty is famous in the world. Very beautiful and well organized. You can enjoy a variety of resorts, swimming pools that blend with the sea and various facilities that are ready to spoil your holiday with your loved ones.

3. Karon View Points

If you travel to Promthep Cape from Karon Beach you will find the name Karon View Points. The most amazing views from above are Kata beach and Karon beach directly which lay before you. Also before the turn of the day, you can also enjoy a very exotic sunset.