Greatest Destination in the World

Majestic palaces gothic or dense forest filled with flowers may often be seen in movies.

One of them in the movie Beauty and The Beast, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. In the film that was released in March 2017, there are so many beautiful places that reflect the fairy tale. Not only charming, the place even became the imagination of many people and not a few people who want to visit it. If you want to visit a fairy tale place, consider some of the following destinations:

Multnomah Falls is a waterfall on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, located east of Troutdale, between Corbett and Dodson, along the Columbia Historic Highway, split into a top fall of 542 feet (165 m) and a lower fall from 69 feet (21 m).

Bojnice, a familiar and charismatic homely town. It’s the type of town you’ll be stopping for a moment, but able to leave a long memory, like a short but always dazzling dream. Bojnice Castle, 900-year-old castle that became a mainstay tourist attraction. Bojnice has a hot spring, a legendary zoo, and one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. A popular transit point in a road trip in Slovakia.

Want to enjoy Norwegian landscapes in extreme ways and different atmosphere? You can visit Trolltunga.

A tourist spot dubbed as ‘the edge of the world’. Sitting on the edge of this cliff is probably the most pleasant seat in the world. Despite being on the altitude, but who can refuse if the landscape offered will be very comparable with the previous efforts. Trolltunga’s own cliff age is 100 centuries old. Many people visit this place around mid-June to September.

Brugge (in Dutch, read: bru-khey) or Bruges (in French, read: brus) is a tourist city that is the capital of West-Flanders Province located in northwestern Belgium. The city is famous for its well-preserved old town and its very interesting canals to explore. Many call this city one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium so a lot of tourists visit this city.