The 13 Best Places to Travel Alone on the United States

1. Chinatown

New York City is not only known as the largest city, but also the most densely populated city apparently has a Chinese settlement and there are six locations that can be found in this city. One location that tourists can visit is in Manhattan. If you are looking for an Asian smelling spot, of course Chinatown is the right place to explore, especially in this area that is truly complete. Various tourism objects related to culture and history are offered in this place, along with many Chinese restaurants.

2. Statue of Liberty

The icon from the United States is a statue of a giant woman holding the following torch wearing a crown of thorns is a national monument. For those who want to see or take pictures with the background of this statue must go to Liberty Island or an island located in New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty is precisely located in Manhattan and the figure of the goddess Libertas is depicted through this statue.

3. Times Square

The intersection in New York City is a commercial area that is indeed very crowded and looks crowded because of the billboards everywhere with its colorful lights. For tourists who are interested in finding a place that offers tons of interesting entertainment in New York City, Times Square is the most appropriate. Enter the list of tourist attractions most often visited in the world with an amount that can be up to 39 million visitors per year, of course you should not miss the opportunity to visit this hot spot.

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Attractions in Los Angeles

4. Universal Studio Hollywood

For tourists who want to visit California, especially in Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood should not be missed. A myriad of famous Hollywood films have made this one theme park an area where they filmed, such as the successful film Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, and many others. The contents of this attraction are not just the arena of play, but tourists can happily tour the existing studios which are usually used for filming.

5. Walt Disney Concert Hall

This concert venue built by Frank Gehry is truly magnificent and has beautiful views from the outside and inside. The scenery around the area where the concert was was so amazing that it wouldn’t make the visitors regret even though they couldn’t get into it because the place of the building had the beauty and luxury contained within it.

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Attractions in San Francisco

6. Golden Gate Bridge

If you want to visit a popular tourist spot for free without having to worry about the price of the entry ticket, the Golden Gate Bridge which is very famous in San Francisco, California is one of the many special buildings in America that tourists can admire to their heart’s content.

7. Alcatraz

Take a tour to explore the safest former prison in the world that has now been transformed into a museum with an audio tour. Indeed, to access this tourist attraction, visitors are expected to ride a ferry. With a recommended length of visit of around two to three hours, tourists will be presented with extraordinary knowledge of past prisons.

8. Pier 39

For the most crowded spot of tourists visited when in San Francisco, Pier 39 is the most recommended. If you like to take a vacation with a walk while washing your eyes, this place is very interesting, especially because in the region tourists will be treated to views of the sea lions who are resting. Prepare a camera to capture every unique and beautiful scene there, but don’t forget to bring enough money because there souvenir shops are scattered everywhere, so who knows if you want to buy souvenirs.

9. Golden Gate Park

As a place of recreation, Golden Gate Park is a very interesting spot because in this park there are grasslands and gardens that can be a place to relax while taking pictures with friends or family. Apart from the gardens and the meadow, there are also lakes which can be enjoyed free of charge. There is still more archery and golf activity that can be an entertainment for tourists.

Tourist Attractions in Chicago

10. Millennium Park

Located in downtown Chicago, this park can be easily reached by tourists. The things that can be the most entertaining of tourists are the collection of unique and modern architecture, such as the Cloud Gate, and also the one whose art is very beautiful.

11. Magnificent Miles

One of the famous streets in Chicago is Magnificent Miles where visitors can shop, hang out at cafes, taste delicious food in restaurants, or stay at hotels. There are various famous shopping centers on this road, so for those who like shopping and who are in Chicago you should not miss this area. Not to be missed, the unique atmosphere in the Michigan Avenue area can be enjoyed by tourists.

12. Buckingham Fountain and Grant Park

The garden as well as the fountain is certainly very beautiful and that is what attracts more visitors. The location of this tourist spot is close to Millennium Park because from the park, you only have to walk through the Art Institute of Chicago to finally get to a beautiful and no less extensive park than Millennium Park. When it arrives on time, especially in June, lucky travelers will be able to enjoy the Chicago Blues Festival that can be watched without paying a penny.

13. Coral Castle

The tourist attraction, also titled ‘Rock Gate’, can be found between Miami and Florida, and Edward Leedskalnin built the place. One of the wonders in Miami, he apparently built himself with his hands and took 30 years in the development process. For tourists who like everything related to architecture, it is strongly recommended to visit this place.