Marrakech camel ride

“Does it bite?”

No, Luna, it likes you.

On our Marrakech desert tours, you’ll be introduced to a camel. You’ll be given some personal time in order to get to know them better, you know, form the usual camel-human relationship. Once you two are good, you’ll get to roam the desert as you witness the gorgeous sunset.

Camels have been exploited for for milk, meat, hides, and wool. But with us, they’re pampered, well fed, and given plenty of time to socialise. Rest assured, you’ll be with a relaxed, full of life, joyous camel.

On their first ride. Thomas was excited. Unlike little Luna, she wasn’t sure. It sniffed her for a couple of seconds, accompanied with Luna’s hesitant laughter, and then she gave it a pat. She got on with her dad, exploring the desert along with Hamid.

We’ve had our fair share of tours, and we wouldn’t want to play favourites, but we honestly couldn’t resist Luna’s expressions. Kids resonate well with animals, especially ones that are adorable as these.

Hamid took them across the vast desert and they surely had a great time. We could see it on their faces. After some time, we arrived at a secure Berber tent of ours. Dad had packed some snacks, and Luna was excited to step down and play with Cielo. That’s what she named it, Cielo.

Freshly made Berber tea was served for Thomas, and Luna was running around Cielo. We couldn’t think of a more adorable duo.

We all rested and got back on with our tour. Luna was brave this time. “It’s time to go again, Cielo” she said, with a heartly giggle. The joy on their faces was too much. The gorgeous scenery that the wild yellow yonder made was just mesmerising, let alone the way Thomas and Luna looked at it.

If you’re looking for a relaxing, nourishing time to spend, then you should definitely should have a Marrakech Camel ride . Quite frankly, as much as we wouldn’t want to admit, even if it isn’t in the desert. Thomas did have a good time in Australia, riding a camel at a park. So we’re sure that it’s the camels. Although the scenery does have it’s own charm.