Special Women Tour with Interesting Activities

“After years of fear of drowning, I made the decision to learn to surf while on vacation,” said New York-based acupuncturist Michelle Helfner. “I want to study in a supportive environment. I have considered a surfing camp together. But I really want this trip about my empowerment and relaxation. The idea of ​​choosing a women-only camp would ideally suit me. Because I will be surrounded by like-minded women. In a shared environment, sometimes there may be too much testosterone or a sense of competition and potential. But none of them are a problem for me. “

Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica - Glamping, Surfing, and Yoga.

Pura Vida Adventures

Finally, Helfner booked a week-long package with the Pura Vida Adventures surfing camp based in Malpais, Costa Rica. He was interested in the camp’s offerings about a woman-only environment, safe destinations, and surfing instruction coupled with yoga, healthy food, massages, and other activities.

“The journey was challenging and life changing,” Helfner said. “All instructors make me feel comfortable and safe. After overcoming my fear of the ocean, I felt I had managed to face the fear and move through it. It’s amazing to be in the water surrounded by a group of the most supportive women. The best part of this trip was the group of women I met, “Surf Chicas” who still surf to this day. The experience of Pura Vida still remains in my memory one and a half years later. I cannot recommend this trip strongly enough. “

Helfner is one of a growing number of women who have found the joys of women-only holidays. Ie, a travel trend that has strengthened since the early 90s. His feelings about why he chose such a trip also echoed the minds of others, who had said that they had the opportunity to try something new. For example adventure sports, spiritual practice, immersion in different cultures and environments that are not competitive or supportive.

Women’s Special Tour

A women-only tourist is also attractive for solo female travelers. Not only those who don’t have travel partners. But also for women with many personal commitments and career women who want to be in an atmosphere where they can express themselves more fully while being free from the requirements and assessments of daily life.

“I found seeing the world from the point of view of just one woman to have fewer limits, fewer obstacles and be more supportive of each other,” said Ellen MacDonald, a Colorado nurse who made several special female trips without a friend.

Taking into account these factors, there is one provider and a woman-specific trip that promises to provide an empowering and rejuvenating vacation experience for female travelers.

Surf camp in Costa Rica

Provider: Pura Vida Adventures

Price: starting at 1,675 USD

Adventure activities tend to be the heart of many women’s vacations. So it’s no surprise to Tierza Davis, founder of Costa Rica’s Pura Vida Adventures surfing camp.

“I think this activity can now be accepted by feminine girls and sporty women at the same time,” Davis said. “I always find female guests at camp who say that they grow on the beach while watching the kids surf, but never try it themselves. But now they want to. “

Davis, like other women-only travel operators, also knows that women approach sports differently from men. So he creates an active vacation experience that is empowering and knowledgeable, not a test of physical ability. At the Pura Vida campsite for seven days, you will receive surfing instructions tailored to your level (including private sessions) interspersed with daily yoga classes, massages, freshly prepared food, and cultural activities such as Spanish lessons and salsa dancing.