Namsan Tower

South Korea, identic with very spectacular tourism activities. Attractions in South Korea are quite diverse to visit. One of them is Namsan Tower. Namsan tower is one of the most visited tourist objects in South Korea. Especially by couples who want to capture the moment of happiness while on vacation together in South Korea. Built in 1969, this tourist attraction can be said to have a long historical value. The cost of construction swallows around 2.5 million dollars. In the past, Namsan Seoul Tower was completely built not for tourist objects, but built as a radio transmitter. Its function as a radio transmitter was increasingly diminished so that in 1980, this tower began to be opened to the public which eventually was used as a tourist location.

Well, for those of you who want to enjoy a holiday by visiting Namsan Tower, here are the guidelines for you:

Height and Building Area of ​​Namsan Tower

Namsan tower has a height of about 236.7 meters or about 777 feet. This tourist attraction is indeed located in the city center. So it’s no wonder when you reach the highest peak of this tower you will find a very beautiful view of Seoul. The view of the city that you see from this height is a pretty interesting panorama that you must enjoy when you reach the top. This high location makes visitors have to struggle to get to the top. Even though you need a big enough effort to get to the top, but when you reach the top, your effort is quite tiring and will pay off with a panorama that you can see. For those of you who visit this tourist location when entering the winter, then you will see snow covering Seoul. Likewise with this location. You must wear thick and warm clothes that protect you from the cold air above the peak. Visitors who come to this location not only come from the original South Korean population, but also many from abroad who want to enjoy the view of Seoul from the highest peak in Seoul.

Accommodation Towards Namsan Tower

If you visit Namsan tower, there are several accommodation options to go to the highest location in Seoul. You can choose to ride a cable car. This cable car is a special vehicle that is prepare to go to the top of Namsan by using a car that runs using a cable. But the drawback is the cost to ride the cable car is relatively expensive. Another option is to use a bus. The tour heading to Namsan by bus is the cheapest option as well as the fastest for backpackers who have a limited budget while on vacation in South Korea. The one-way fee for using the bus to get to the top of Namsan is around 1200 won. If you use a cable car the cost for one way is around 6500-8500 won for a single trip. Another plus is that the payment can use cash for tourists who do not have a transportation card.

Enchantment of Love Padlock

Usually people go to Namsan Tower the aim is to enjoy hanging names on a padlock named love padlock. The myth is when writing the name of the couple in a lock, and the lock of the padlock is discard, the love will last forever. Of course this is quite interesting for tourists who travel with their partners. So many couples lock the padlock here. After that, hope that his love will be lock forever in the lock. Then do not forget the tourists take pictures together in a row of iron fences that have the names of people who have visited this love padlock arena and pleaded for eternity of love here.

Cheap Hotels At Namsan Peak

For those of you who want to spend the night in the peak area of ​​Namsan tower, you can find various hotels that have various rates. You can stay overnight and choose one of the few nearby hotels here. You can choose one of the hotels with the best facilities near the peak of Namsan. If you come during the winter, don’t miss to enjoy the thrill of playing snow around the peak of Namsan. The cold snow at this height adds to the enjoyment of holidays in South Korea.