Places you Must Visit in Taipei

Everyone loves to take a well-deserved break from work and go on a vacation. However, the decision on where to visit is not always the easiest to make. Taipei is among the destinations in the world that you cannot just afford not to visit. It is the capital of Taiwan and is characterized by busy shopping streets, modern buildings, and tons of other things that will please your eyes. As you book your Singapore to Taipei flights, here are the places that you should put in mind: they will make your trip worthwhile. 

1. Taipei zoo

This is among the best places to visit in Taipei, especially if you have kids, as there is so much to see here. Taipei zoo boasts being among the best zoos in the world, and the best in Asia. The zoo spreads over a large area, and hosting thousands of species that you will be so glad to discover. Due to its size, the zoo will keep you busy for not less than a day.

What is there to see? We are talking about diverse species, the beautiful landscaping, pandas, and even educational exhibitions. There are also tons of food joints where you can get to enjoy local cuisines in the course of your exploration.

2. Longshan Temple

This is the best place to have a religious tour in Taiwan. The temple has a history tracing back to 1730 when it was built. It is a significant religious landmark that also boasts unique architecture. We are talking about tranquil and colorful details. The temple also possesses a spiritual ambiance thanks to the ornate statues inside the temple and incense. Longshan temple is the place where you can get a real feel of the Taiwanese religion as you get to learn about the Chinese goddesses and gods. You will enjoy feasting your eyes on the beautiful structure.

3. Shilin Night Market

Your vacation or trip cannot be complete if you do not go back home with a souvenir or item from the country. That is why you should include the Shilin Night Market in your itinerary. The market hosts thousands of locals and other tourists, making it one of the liveliest places you can be in Taiwan. In the Shilin market, you will find hundreds of local and international brands at discounted prices. Not only is it the best place to do your shopping in Taiwan, but also one of the spots where you will find delicious Taiwanese cuisines. 

4. Elephant Mountain

If you love hiking, there is something in for you in Taiwan. Here is the place you can get a perfect view of the city. Also, it is among the few amazing and encouraging hiking spots in the world. This is mainly because it doesn’t take too much time and effort to get to the top. This makes it suitable even for beginners.

Taipei is among the best tourist destinations in the world. As you plan your next visit, ensure that you set foot in the places listed above.