Three must see locations in the South of France

The south of France has for a long time been seen as a location only visited by the rich and famous using their time and money to enjoy the Mediterranean and French Riviera. While this is still true it has also become a place in which more and more ‘ordinary’ holidaymakers decide to spend their time, with south of france villas and other accommodation options become more affordable, many people are taking the chance to visit this once reserved area. Don’t expect a super budget-friendly holiday but there is the opportunity to enjoy this region in a reasonable manner.

There is so much in the region to see though that you may have to make a small itinerary of places to see and things to do so you don’t fall into the holiday trap of not really doing much of anything. Options vary from medieval towns and castles to the Mediterranean Sea and all the valleys and mountain ranges you can take in between. We’ve come up with a short list of some places that you can put on your list and which give you a little taste of what you can do.


Home to the rich and famous and possible soon to be you Saint-Tropez shows opulence and money, but don’t be afraid it can still be budget friendly, to an extent. Expect to see the harbour packed with luxury yachts in the summer months, take your time people and celeb watch by the harbour and you might just be invited to a party.

Once you get away from the star-struck harbour through a stroll into the old town give you a taste of why it is so popular. Enjoy some local coffee and a bite to eat. Once you’re finished here you can wander through the local markets and have a few more snacks as is the French way, not too much, but not too little either.

If you are finished in the town you can then take one of the many coastal walks that surround the area. Here you can see some f the stunning coastline on offer, otherwise only viewable from the many yachts you will see down below. Finally, if you have alittle more energy left you can party the night away in some of the swankiest clubs the media has to offer, just ensure you ch3eck how budget friendly these places will be, as quite a few attract a certain class that may be out of your price range.


Next on this list is Provence, a region renowned for its natural beauty and lavender fields. An area stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the vineyard filled fields in the distance this is an area you should take a few days to truly admire. Within this stunning region, you will find enough vineyards to keep you quite occupied for a long period of time.

You can see the medieval cities and towns within the region with one of the most famous and popular being Avignon. The region is also known for its local delicacy which you can find throughout the towns and cities that you happen to visit. One of the most famous and definitely amust-see place is the Gorges du Verdon, the deepest gorge in western Europe. The winding roads and steep drop are not for the faint heart but if you take your time and drive through the gorge will be something that you remember for quite some time. One destination is, of course, the Lavender fields which are idyllic and the perfect place for a picnic or nice stroll with your significant other.

Porquerolles Island

A little off the cost and slightly trickier to get to is the Porquerolles Island. With coastlines and beaches to rival the Caribbean, the Porquerolles Island can be reached from the port town of Hyères. This town is roughly one-hour form Saint-Tropez, so expect some more glamorous guests to be in the same region again. The archipelago of islands is dominated by Porquerolles Island. Expect to do as much hiking and biking as your body allows. There are endless beaches to discover with the best being reached by bicycle which can be rented on the main town of the island. Pack a big picnic and while away your hours discovering new locations and trails on the island.

Some fresh catches and Rose are also alternatives that you can snack away on while you stay overnight on the island if it is something you plan to do. Definitely one of the more chilled out locations in which to visit in the south be sure to rest up early on the island and make your return to the mainland after a few days of biking and relaxing on the island. If you wish you may also be able to visit some of the smaller islands in the archipelago, although this might take some more planning once you arrive onto the island. Or try your hand at fishing a snorkelling as both are quite popular activities to get up to also.

Even though it is a brief list you can see the huge array of options to get up to when visiting the south of France, just be sure you don’t over plan and leave no room for the real fun of chilling out and taking in the sights, sometimes too much can ruin to holiday just as much as doing to little.