Tips for Climbing a Mountain That You Should Know For Beginners

lately mountain climbing activities are not only carried out by nature lovers, but also a favorite activity carried out among young people who generally consist of students and university students. Many of them are experienced in mountain climbing, but not a few are not so familiar with this one activity.

Most of those who are still newbies in mountain climbing have more motivation to climb because they may want to try new experiences that are full of challenges and not a few of them are shown photos of the beautiful nature of the mountain from friends who have just climbed the mountain so that they have desire to climb the mountain after seeing their photos. But climbing a mountain to get to the top is not an easy matter.

According to my experience, after climbing the mountain several times, many climbers did not reach their destination or did not reach the intended peak. As a writer, I have also experienced this due to lack of preparation. If that’s the case, then there’s only regret. But don’t worry, I will share mountain climbing tips for beginners that must be done in order to get to the top. Okay, straight to the mountain climbing tips for beginners:

1. Train leg muscles and balance

Activities to train leg muscles can be done by running in the morning or evening, trying to do it regularly a week before climbing. This activity aims to train the leg muscles so as not to be surprised when climbing the mountain considering the track that must be passed is not easy.

But don’t worry if you can do this routine regularly, you can easily pass any difficult tracks. In addition to running in the morning, there is also something you have to practice, namely balance. To train balance, it can be done with small exercises such as standing for a while on one leg.

This activity is ideal to do after your morning or afternoon run. If you run in the morning or evening and you have done a little exercise regularly, you have passed the initial stage in preparation for mountain climbing for beginners.

2. Take care of your health

Health is the most vital thing in the process of climbing a mountain, just imagine if you go up a mountain in a state not fit. According to my experience, when I was climbing Mount there was one of my friends who was not fit to go up the mountain, as a result, my friend stopped in the middle of the road or did not arrive.

Not only that, during the trip my friend only made it difficult for other climbers because it hindered the journey and kept complaining. Of course, you don’t want this to happen to you, but don’t worry, I have a tip so that it doesn’t happen, that is, try not to sleep too late a week before climbing the mountain and get enough sleep.

If necessary, take vitamins so that you stay fit until the day. To climb has arrived.

3. Equipment that must be brought when climbing the mountain

After the physical preparation has been done, it is now just a matter of preparing the equipment that must be brought when you want to climb the mountain. Mountain climbing equipment is also something that you should prepare properly, the consequences can be fatal if you don’t prepare the equipment you will bring.

The story is about my experience again, because from experience we will learn. In the past, when I first climbed a mountain, I paid less attention to preparing mountain climbing equipment. As a result, the mountain climbing activities that I did were not as beautiful as imagined due to the lack of equipment.

Of course you don’t want that to happen to you. So from that, the following equipment must be carried when climbing the mountain. The first are jackets, gloves, headgear, mountain shoes, socks, large bags, small bags, sleeping bags, tents, mattresses, flashlights, sticks to lighten the body weight, coats, mountain cooking utensils if needed and don’t forget the camera take a selfie at the top of the mountain . don’t forget before going up the mountain you first check your equipment.

4. Consumption to Bring

Consumption is one of the important things in the process of climbing a mountain. In the past I had failed to reach the top because I ran out of consumption. So, here are the consumptions that you must bring, namely 2 bottles of 1.5L water, bread, rice + side dishes if necessary, instant noodles, chocolate to increase your energy when climbing, coffee or the like and spare water. It is a staple food that I have to take with me when climbing the mountain.

5. How to walk when climbing

When climbing a mountain, it is also not careless in walking, of course you don’t want bad things to happen to you. Yes I will share tips for walking on the difficult mountain tracks. That is, with your feet always flexible every time you put your feet on the ground and stay focused on the footing.