6 Festivals You Must Experience When You Visit Hong Kong

13 Festivals In Hong Kong 2021 To Know The City Culture

Hong Kong has always been one of the most exciting cities in the world. The city could be seen as the perfect concoction of native and western culture. With some of the busiest business streets and splendid party nights, the city also shows some of the deepest cultures rooted in its soils. The festivals that take place in the city are evidence of it. A plethora of festivals are celebrated in the city all year long. You should book flights to Hong Kong now and enjoy these amazing festivals. Some must-see festivals that take place are,

  1. Festival of Dragon and Lion Dance

It is one of the most beloved festivals in Hong Kong. It is celebrated on 1st January each year. You could witness several deities and legendary animals dancing on the streets. People make several structures representing the deities and go about parading in all of Hong Kong. It is amazing to see dragons, Buddha, Lions, and others come to life and ushering the new year. 

  1. Chinese New Year

You would know Chinese New Year differs from the international New Year. However, the mood for partying and all the glamour never dies out. It is one of the most colorful festivals full of crackers and sweets. It is then where you could see how the modern era blends in with the local customs. You would see flowers all over the place with parading dragons and other made-out creatures. This is one of the biggest festivals in the world and people in Hong Kong know how to celebrate it.

  1. Hong Kong Arts Festival

Not only in China, but this is one of the most demanded festivals in Asia. The festival is held to mark the magnificent art of Hong Kong. Artisans all over the world come to flaunt their artworks. All forms of art are displayed at the festival. You could see people showcasing their pottery skills at a place and others dancing at another. 

People from all over the world flock to Hong Kong and witness the local art competing with international talent. If you are a tourist, then this is an opportunity you would never want to miss.

  1. Tin Hau Festival 

This festival is celebrated around the time of April and May. It is held to mark the birth of the sea goddess, Tin Hau. As a visitor, you would see that the place is filled with the temples of the deity. It is the belief of the people that gathers them to celebrate this auspicious occasion. The whole of Hong Kong is in a festive mood, with several performances taking place in the city. 

  1. Cheung Chau Bun Festival 

If you don’t want to miss something in Hong Kong, it is the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. You would experience tall bamboo towers which will be covered with sweet buns. It is generally celebrated in April or May. The festival is one of its kind that honors Pak Tai, the Taoist god. 

You would witness music, dance, sweet buns, and parades continuing for 4 days straight. The Cheung Chau island hosts the festival in front of the temple of Pak Tai. Several competitions are also held during this festival. What makes it unique is the fact that no meat is allowed this period and no locals or tourists will be allowed to eat non-veg.

  1. Dragon Boat Festival 

If you are willing to visit Hong Kong, you must have heard about the dragon boats. You could see these many renowned boats in action during the dragon boat festival. The festival takes place in the fifth lunar month. A plethora of teams takes part in this festival with their specially made boats. These boats are ornated with features of a dragon. Over 20 people could paddle these boats at a time. You could bet that each of those paddlers rows the boat with all their might during the race. 

Hong Kong is a land of festivals. You could experience many festivals in the city which show that westernization hasn’t got the better of the culture these people honor so much and have pride in.