Confused about Building a Dream House? Here are the tips!

Plan to build a dream home, but confused about what to watch out? Here we summarize some of the steps you must take when you want to build a house.

1. Choose a good location and position of the house

A good home location is related to the direction of the eye and the environment. The position of the house also affects the temperature inside the house. It would be very good if you got a house facing East, so you get good morning sun.

2. Adjust the area of ​​the building

One floor house is easier to design because the design elements of concern tend to be fewer. If you have a large land, this type of house is very suitable, because it can maximize the area as much as possible. Don’t forget to present a garden so the house feels fresh.

3. Look for the appropriate design reference

Looking for references on the internet is so easy and widely found, but sometimes you have trouble finding what you need and want. For that, consult with your interior designer or architect. Because as an expert, they can translate client needs in 3D, starting from the area of ​​each room, choosing building materials such as large floor tiles, house paint, roof design, etc.

4. Choose the color paint according to personality

Depending on the color used, the interior of the house can emit a variety of atmosphere. This affects the character or mood of the room as what residents want to present. Bright colors tend to give a broad impression on the room because it reflects light.

5. Present a garden or patio for air circulation

No matter how much land you have, as much as possible to provide a special area of ​​the park because of its considerable usefulness. The garden can provide fresh views for the eyes and good air for the home. Green plants can make the atmosphere of the room cool and fresh. Not only in terms of visuals, the presence of plants at home also improves air circulation. Having a garden or just a green pot is now a trend for a healthy lifestyle.

6. Have an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly home

It is very common for people to use an air conditioner, but the long used of AC is also not good for health, especially since it is making skin dry. The fan is an alternative with relatively small electricity consumption compared to air conditioning, although it’s not as good as AC to reduce the temperature of the room.

If possible, design a high ceiling in the main area to help air circulation in the house. Double height the ceiling ranges from 7 to 8 meters. This high ceiling system can be used for one-floor houses.