Tips for Choosing a Hotel, Definitely Satisfied!

The hotel is no longer a luxurious place that can only be enjoyed by upper class people. Everyone can stay in the hotel for business or leisure with family. The problem is when someone wants to book a hotel at their destination, usually immediately look for a cheap one. The question is, are you satisfied with a cheap stay? Here are 5 tips that can help you to choose the right hotel and you are satisfied to enjoy what you have paid.

Understand Your Purpose of Staying

Why stay overnight? There are at least two reasons: business or leisure, including holidays with family and children. With us knowing the purpose of our stay, then we begin to think about how long I stay at the hotel in 24 hours? Do I just rent a room just to sleep after a busy day of work or traveling? If so, then you can simply rent a hotel with clean and comfortable rooms without having to use a lot of amenities. Different if you want to relax with family and children and more time at the hotel. In this case what you need is to pay attention to hotel facilities: swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, sports facilities, and others. So that you and your family can really relax and enjoy staying in the hotel according to what you pay for, like Solitaire Hotel Bangkok which provides comfort for you and your family. Visit the website at

Cheap Hotels? Not Always Save Money

Choosing a cheap hotel is not always economical. Why? Because usually cheap hotels are located in locations that are not strategic and have minimal facilities. So, without realizing it to and from the hotel, you have to spend extra transportation money. Especially if the location of the hotel is far from where you work or tourist sites that you must visit. With the added total of high transportation, actually your budget on the way to be expensive and not economical anymore. Not to mention that cheap hotels are not equipped with breakfast and other facilities, where you have to spend extra money to enjoy it.

Compare Multiple Sites Online
We have many online sites that we can access for hotel bookings. It must be known that a site does not always offer the cheapest and best. Because it is necessary to compare several sites at once in the hotel that you will be booking to ensure that you get the best price from the site.

Watch the Review

Usually in a site for booking hotels, there are places for reviews and recommendations from people who have stayed at the hotel. The reviews and recommendations help us to find out if the hotel is decent enough and in accordance with what we want. The problem is pictures and offers are often different from reality. By looking at reviews and recommendations, we can find out more clearly from the person who stays.