Must Visit Attractions in Myanmar

In Myanmar, there are many tourist attractions that we can visit, ranging from historical tourism to its natural attractions. For historical tours, there are many places we can visit to learn history from this Myanmar country. There are many historic buildings such as pagodas and temples that are tourist destinations because of their unique shape. Because Myanmar has many tourist attractions that I cannot mention all of its names, so this time we will discuss tourist attractions in Myanmar that must be visited.

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In Myanmar you can increase your knowledge and insight about the history of other countries. So if you intend to go to Myanmar you can choose several places from 10 tourist attractions in Myanmar, you must visit the following.

1. Mrauk U Ruins
Mrauk U Ruins is a collection of temples and pagodas which number as many as 700 buildings which are the sites of ancient civilizations. The entrance fee to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtherauk U ruins is fairly cheap.

2. Lake Inle
It is a natural tourism in the form of a lake which is the place of Hpaung Daw U festival or a festival for Buddhism. This festival is usually held in September and October.

3. Schwedagon Pagoda

This one pagoda you may have heard of, Pagoda with this sparkling Stupa was once the capital of Myanmar in Yangon. It’s best to bring glasses when you come here to avoid the glare of this Schwedagon stupa.

4. Golden Rock Pagoda
Also known as the Kyaiktiyo pagoda is a pagoda located in Burma. The pagoda on the mountain is said to stand on a strand of Buddha’s hair.

5. Ngwe Saung Beach
For those of you who like to go to the beach, this one beach you can visit to enjoy the beauty of the scenery and freshness of the beach.

6. Bagan Temple

This one temple you can surround using a cart, because the place is too broad if you have to walk.

7. Ngapali Beach

Besides Ngwe Saung beach, you can also choose Ngapali beach as your natural tourism option in Myanmar.

8. Goa Pindaya
In this Pindaya Cave there are about 8 thousand more Buddhist images and statues of various sizes.

9. Mandalay HillHill with a height of approximately 230 meters is located in downtown Mandalay. From the top of this hill you will be spoiled with views of the city of Mandalay and the beautiful sunset when you come in the afternoon.

10. Kakakku Pagoda
This one pagoda tour completes your tour in Myanmar because you see thousands of pagodas in one place.

How? Interested in just going to Myanmar and select the tourist attractions that you want to visit. 10 tourist attractions in Myanmar you must visit, this is only part of the tour in Myanmar. There are many more historical, natural and fashion shopping attractions in Myanmar that you can use as a vacation spot.