Solo travel in Leh: What you need to see and do

Scenic Leh offers many opportunities to find yourself on a solitary tour.

Despite being at an altitude of 3,524 metres, the town of Leh has been an important stop on trade routes between Tibet, India and China for centuries. Merchants and caravans passed through Leh, with precious cargo of salt, food grains, cashmere wool, indigo, silk yarn and cannabis resin. These days, it is a sleepy yet bustling town where travellers from all over the world converge. The unique architecture rising out of the hills and ground are akin to the sets of Game of Thrones!

Ladakh and Leh are on the lists of most travellers, even solo backpackers. Thousands visit this incredible part of India every year. Many travel by road, but if you’re flying to Leh, it would be prudent to pre-book your Delhi Leh flight. Many visitors come in groups: with friends, families and even their motorcycle buddies. But the desolate yet unbelievably beautiful landscape of this region can also be explored by yourself, alone. Undisturbed, unhurried and at your own pace, here’s how you can enjoy a solo trip in Leh.

* Sightseeing

Leh is perfect for a solitary traveller to wander in, or use as a base camp to explore more of Ladakh. Even within the city limits one can find unique architectural monuments like the Leh Palace, Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, Sankar Monastery, Shanti Stupa, ChambaTemple and Jama Masjid. Without the interference of fellow travellers, you can lose yourself in time while visiting these places. 

* Find Friends

Getting here is not difficult but it is definitely worth your time tobook Delhi Leh flights well in advance. Thousands of people from all over the world visit Leh every year. From simple tourists for an exotic vacation, to hardy, leathery-skinned travellers searching for the next frontier, Leh provides the perfect backdrop for forging new connections with interesting people. In the markets, hostels or hotels, you will find travellers from around the globe striking new friendships and making future travel plans.

Things to remember

  • Try to keep a flexible schedule. Leh is very laid back and things don’t usually go as planned. Relax and enjoy the tranquil flow of life in the mountains.
  • Always carry your identity card, medical information and emergency contact numbers.
  • Choose your accommodations wisely. In Leh, you will probably have to travel everywhere on foot, while keeping in mind that you’re at 3,500 metres above sea level. So, make sure your accommodation is not too far away from the markets and restaurants.
  • Remember the Delhi Leh flights are limited and hence, always pre-book your tickets and also your stay.
  • You need a permit to visit the sights. The Ladakh inner line permitcan be procured with the help of tour operators. You can even apply for it online.
  • Keep family and friends informed about your plans and whereabouts when travelling across Ladakh.

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