3 Reasons For You Must Be Traveling Outside of Bangkok In Thailand

Traveling to Thailand, Bangkok is a must visited the place. But it turns out, there are a lot of destinations and activities besides Bangkok.

Besides Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand is undeniably a favorite tourist spot for travelers. The place is beautiful, the food is delicious and there are lots of cheap shopping places.

But also it can’t be denied if most travelers only come to Bangkok. There are still many destinations and tourist attractions outside of Bangkok that is unfortunately missed.

1. Beautiful Island in southern Thailand

The southern region of Thailand is blessed with beautiful islands. The location is not far from Phuket. It seems you must provide one or two special days to explore every island there.

The Similan Islands in the Province of Phang Nga, southern Thailand, have fine white sandy beaches, as well as the clear blue sea without any trash. You can liveaboard diving Thailand Similan island by hiring Kholak Scuba Adventures to meet parrotfish, surgeonfish, rabbitfish, fusilier which is a yellowtail fish and many more.


2. Many cities

There are many other cities besides Bangkok that are interesting to visit. Come to Phuket, which is an hour away by plane from Bangkok, to relax on exotic beaches and islands. There is the Patong Beach area which is called similar to Kuta Beach, Bali with a tanned beach and a row of entertainment.

There is another Kata Beach, the favorite place to sunbathe in Phuket. Kata Beach is divided into 2 regions, namely Kata Center and Kata South. The Kata center is the main beach and the center of the crowd, while the Kata South is a peaceful place with luxury resorts. Many European foreigners sunbathe on their white sandy beaches. Don’t forget to visit Phi Phi Island, in which beauty has been recognized by the world.

3. Many cities are quiet

From the number of tourist destinations in Thailand, the name Hua Hin may still lack prestige. Located about 3 hours by car from Bangkok exactly heading to the bay, this is a coast that is still quite which daily needs are cheaper than big cities in Thailand.

The beach is calm with large-grained white sand. Hua Hin is a peaceful and calm city, protected by solid hills. The word Hua Hin itself means “stubborn”, referring to the rocky hills that protect the region. Besides relaxing, don’t forget to stop by at the wine plantation and night market.