Top Things to Do When You Are in Aamby Valley


Besides natural elegance, renowned architectures have contributed a lot to manmade landmarks in recent times. One such place that has redefines the meaning of serenity and opulence is charming sight of the Aamby Valley. For travellers, this place is the best way to unwind from the humdrum of city life. The quaint resorts in the lap of lakes and mountains enchant the saga of beauty in a different way. To witness its vivid charm, you have to step into the world of this bewitching creation.

  1. Explore the beauty of the jungle

Travel 23 kilometres from Lonavala towards Pune to get the charming sight of the Aamby Valley. For those, who really want to play hide-and-seek with the sunshine, the lush greenery and tall trees offer the perfect escape. No matter whether you are a newbie jungle explorer or an experienced one, the entire jungle ride will fill your heart with ecstasy. Undoubtedly, the place will hook you with its oodles of outdoor pleasures. From rock climbing to zip lining, all will excite your mood to the best. Indeed, the riveting ride remains intriguing for the discerning tourists.

  1. Frolicking under the waterfall

No beauty can ever supersede the white pristine comeliness of the gushing waterfall. Standing underneath the fall and paying attention to its rhythmic roar will simply fill your heart with romanticism. In order to land upon the magnetic waterfall, one has to hike through a rope crafted bridge. Indeed, it is an indescribable experience to witness the charming fall descending rapidly to embrace the Mother Earth.

  1. Enjoy lip-smacking delicacy:

Frankly speaking, a vacation is incomplete without scrumptious dishes. To cool down your gut and its craving for delicious food, you have to check out the royal palatable cuisines like Dal Makhani or Gosht Biriyani of Hyderabad and Awadh in a renowned restaurant called Namak. But if you want to taste other savoury items, then lick your fingers with some Moroccan, Lebanese or Turkish dishes served here. Besides soothing your taste buds with these delectable dining options, relax your eyes with the stage firing dance of the belly dancer.

  1. Enjoy zip lining:

The adventure lovers would never back off from experiencing thrilling activities like Zip lining, etc. Initially, you might be apprehensive, but once you conquer the fear, you will be exposed to a panoramic sight of the Aamby Valley. The beguiling beauty of the verdant green with a lake at the edge really pulls you out from the shell. In fact, words would fall short, unless you experience being there personally.

  1. Ravishing ride on an aqua-bus:

Well, this is one of the last activities that you can literally do out there. Riding on the aqua bus is truly fun-filling and marks the end of the journey in front of a statuesque lake. The amusing duck style appearance of the aqua bus will certainly magnetize you.

To conclude, you can easily land upon the place. If you are in Mumbai or Pune, simply drive down to the place. Else if you are from another place like Goa, you can check out the availability of the availability of the Goa Mumbai flights, reach Mumbai, and take the road to Aamby Valley, which around 100 km away.