Book in a Boutique Hotel that can satisfy all your needs with Charminly


The boutique hotels are characterized by a minimalist, modern and unique design, making them really special. This is a luxury retreat, full of pleasure and comfort.

A boutique hotel is far more than just a hotel. This type of property features suites and spacious rooms tastefully decorated according to local style. The main objective of these accommodation facilities is to ensure the customer relaxation and maximum comfort throughout the holiday period.

Amongst the peculiar features of a boutique hotel, we have the size and ambience that must re-create a feeling of intimacy, almost as if making your guest feel within a private residence rather than an ordinary hotel. Reduced size also allows you to focus on the details and have a custom and unique (non-serial) design for each room or common environment.

Sometimes, in order to accentuate the uniqueness of a boutique hotel, unusual elements are included, always as part of an overall project, and placed in a harmonious context.

In addition to elegance and design, a boutique hotel tends to have an eccentric personality. They are elegant but also special, trendy but always “out of the chorus”. From the arrival, creativity has to be a master when it comes to welcoming its guests, at different times and in different environments.

If you are planning a vacation in Italy to admire its incredible cultural and landscape beauty and want to book in a boutique hotel that can satisfy all your needs, our advice is to choose Palazzetto Rosso, an elegant boutique hotel in the beautiful Tuscany, precisely in the historic city of Siena, just a stone’s throw from the famous Piazza del Campo.

The building, entirely made of brick, dates back to about 1300. Once you enter this wonderful boutique hotel, the guest is welcomed by a precious collection of antique objects and Etruscan ceiling frescoes that give the environment a sought-after look and extremely elegant.

One of the strong points of Palazzetto Rosso is undoubtedly the harmony with which they live in the same classical and contemporary environment in a combination that characterizes the whole and conquers at first glance. Many designers have contributed to the realization of modern furnishing accessories combined with a lighting system studied in the smallest details.

The rooms, nine in all, are all different with some common points such as the typical Tuscan roof, wooden beams on the ceiling, and terracotta or ceramic floors. Breakfast is made with local products of the highest quality and you can access the hotel’s cellar to taste fine wines.

Among the best boutique hotels in Italy carefully selected by Charminly, another interesting structure is Palazzo Mottola, a splendid facility framed by a breathtaking landscape, is located in Tropea, Calabria.

Close to the beach Piccolo and a few minutes’ drive from Vibo Valentia where you can visit the historical center and its many attractions, Palazzo Mottola has seven rooms, some overlooking the sea and others on the nearby historic center. The elegant furnishings are embellished with antiques and ancient texts that give the hotel the most beauty.

For those who want to totally relax, inside the boutique hotel Palazzo Mottola is also a personal spa room.