The Most Beautiful Places in Greece

Are you confused to find a place for traveling next? try to come to Greece. Tourist attractions in Greece are beautiful and historic, besides if you have more money, traveling here will make you feel like live in the fairy tale. Not only that, Greece also has a romantic place, for example, Santorini which belongs to the ranks of 10 most romantic places in the world, it is recommended to come here! Well if you are curious about how beautiful islands in Greece, you may see Hostelbay Greek Island Holiday.


A Greek cosmopolitan region consisting of islands. Mykonos widely recognized as lovers of traveling the world as a tourist place with the most beautiful natural scenery in Greece. Mykonos also has another name that is Chora, the city is dominated the same white house building is white. Not just a white table, the surrounding area is also painted in white, well so the tourist attractions in Greece is named Chora or which means white city.


Well, there are many people say that the tourist attractions in Greece are very a romantic place, such as Santorini. Santorini is famous for its magnificent scenery, you can see the beautiful sunset is cool. Area of ​​the house is a white design, find about 500 steps, clubs of socialites to the vast beach. Sea clay off with the afternoon sun in a place that seems a classic country together couples guaranteed to be an experience that cannot be forgotten. You can see another beautiful scene in the capital city of Santorini named Fira. The beautiful building blends the local style of Cyclades with Venisia into a cultural proof of Greek historical buildings.


Delphi is a famous archaeological site in the world, here you can find an ancient theater that built on a hill. If you travel there, you can see the breathtaking views of the valley from the top. Tourist attractions in Greece is so a real painting of beauty that is in Greece.


Athos is a mountain in northern Greece. This mountain is referred to as the ‘Holy Mountain’ of the Greeks. Its location belongs to an autonomous state under Greek sovereignty and control. Here you can see the natural scenery that is second to none. In the east, there is a monastic building that can accommodate 1400 orthodox monks. Getting to the monastic buildings is rather difficult and quite strict, besides being considered a sacred place, this place is also so where the monks escape the modern world. Once again, women are also not allowed to enter this place.


The last resort in Greece is Lindos, a traditional village that existed since the Middle Ages, precisely located on the island of Rodos. This traditional village is also dominated by a white house with a white painted street. If you go to a hillside village, you can see the beautiful beaches and harbors in Lindos.