Paradise in the Blue of the Red Sea

Egypt does not only have Pyramid Giza, sphinx or old mosque buildings with beautiful architecture. Egypt also has a marvelous natural beauty of the sea. The coral reefs in the Red Sea are one of the largest in the world, with a length reaching over a thousand kilometers. It has over thousands of species of invertebrates and hundreds of hard and soft corals. The Red Sea has also been one of the most curious places ever since. The sea was once split when Prophet Musa exodus to Palestine. Red Sea became one of the places included in the list of places that must be visited. If you are interested to visit the beauty of the beach in Egypt you can visit liveaboard diving egypt.

Actually there are several cities along the Red Sea coast and closest to Cairo is Ain El Sokhna, about 150 km away. Sharm El Sheikh is a city on the west coast of the red sea. The city is also very famous for its beauty and become a tourist destination city. It is close to Mt. Sinai but it is quite a distance of about 600 km from Cairo. If you want to plan your holiday in Egypt you can visit best site.

Marina Hurghada

Hurghada has several beaches with different names, some of which are:

El-Ghouna is on the northernmost side of Hurghada, Shal Hasis, Makadi, Soma Bay, Safaga

Almost the entire beach is already full of resorts and hotels. Hotels and resorts in Hurghada usually offer full board, half board or even just breakfast system, the price range is very varied. If you do not want to bother looking for food outside we can book a hotel or resort with full board, if this depends on the budget. My suggestion is better to book hotel or resort with full board system. We do not even bother thinking about eating, everything is provided from breakfast to dinner with a menu that is also varied. The location of these resorts is quite protruding into a bit far from the food stalls.

If you have a hobby of diving or snorkeling, Hurghada is one of the paradise. Along the coast of Hurghada there are a lot of private and collective diving vessels and diving equipment. We had time to ask in one place, to rent the ship with the duration of 8 hours.

But do not worry if you want to peep under the red sea that was very blue and clear it without having to dive. In New Marina (down town), there are boats that serve this. The fee charged is 100 EGP per person with a duration of only about 2 hours. This ship has glass at the bottom so we like diving but do not use diving equipment.

The beauty of the underwater is very remarkable although we only see a small coral reef of 1,900 km of coral reefs stretched in the red sea. The fish seemed to be ashamed to appear because we saw only tiger fish. Probably because this ship only sailed the edge of the coral reefs because the duration is only 2 hours.