The best summer mini break destinations in India

We list the best summer holiday spots to check out this year, and why you should be there.

Indian summers have always been hot, humid and languorous. Even though we may spend most of our time within the comfort of air-conditioned rooms, a short break at a cool region adds a much-needed respite from the heat.

The summer season is a time for school vacations and hence, a family holiday. You can find holiday resorts in India and everywhere else in the subcontinent teeming with children and families. Moreover, the Indian hospitality industry has stepped up to the mark and has some of the best resorts at the choicest locations. The holiday resorts in India are comfortable, conveniently located and equipped with all modern facilities.

Here’s our guide to picking the best holiday summer mini-break destinations:

Northern India: Nainital

Nestled in the Kumaoni foothills of Uttarakhand, this beautiful hill station is quite famous as one of India’s popular hill stations. The town lies surrounded by hills, stately coniferous forests and also houses a stunning crescent shaped lake. There are many spectacular sightseeing spots dotting the town. There are many hotels and resorts to choose from, depending on your budget and preference.

Eastern India: Darjeeling

This queen of the hills came into prominence during the early 19th century under the British Raj. World famous for its tea, Darjeeling is also one of the most-visited tourist spots in the country. The mountain air, scenic views and local cuisine and handicrafts bring travellers from all over the world to this beautiful town. You can relax and rejuvenate in style here, as some of the best holiday resorts in Darjeeling.

Western India: Lonavla

Along with its twin Khandala, Lonavla is one of the most popular hill-stations in Maharashtra state. Nestled within hills between Mumbai and Pune, it receives thousands of tourists throughout the year. Many Mumbai cars don’t even have to think twice about a short trip to Lonavla and Khandala in the summers. And the twins are one of the most preferred destinations for honeymooners. There are many ancient caves and forts close to Lonavla that one can make day trips to. But mostly you can enjoy the pleasant breeze and just watch the hills and be pampered by the hotel staff.

Southern India: Kodaikanal

If Darjeeling is the queen, then Kodaikanal is the princess of hill stations in India. Located in the pleasant Palani hills of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal literally means ‘a place to see in the summer’ in the Tamil language. Apart from the famous Kodaikanal lake, the town is surrounded by forests of acacia, eucalyptus and cypress and grassy meadows and brooks. Tourism is the major source of economy in Kodaikanal and there are many places of interest for travellers. Some of the best holiday resorts in India are set up in Kodaikanal to take advantage of the booming year-round tourism. However, summers are the most heavily booked season and prior reservations are a must.