Stay in Les Ormes Tree House

Nature is a best place for us to avoid the negativity in this crowded world. Many people choose to live close to the nature because it can heal their feeling. Stay in tree house French is one of the best choices. Because of their routine activity, people want to be relaxed for awhile. Staying in tree house is the best answer for you.

Why tree house? It is true that there are also other places outside. But there is no harm to try tree house as the place for you to stay. It is more worth it than staying in conventional hotel. You can try to stay in tree house in Les Ormes, Brittany. It offers you some choices of tree houses for you and your family in spending your best moment.

Three houses in Les Ormes are inspired by the tree house in French, the location where the first tree house is created. In Les Ormes, there are 30 cabins (26 and 4 in trees above the water) situated at the heart of the 200-hectare park of Les Ormes. You can choose which three house suits you and your family well.

It Offers Unique Building

Tree house itself has wooden elements in its building. It has octagonal shape. Before we enter the house, we need to climb by wooden stairs. Tree houses in Les Ormes have height from 9 meters up to 13 meters. It is really not a matter because it will give you a satisfaction when you enter the house.

There is something unique about this house. It is about the place where this tree house stands. It built above the oak tree. Have you ever imagine having a house above the oak tree?  This is the right time for you to try it.

The creation of tree house is inspired by the bird’s nest. That is why the size of the tree house is not too big. But you do not have to worry about it. There are three types of three houses, Tyrolean, ladder, and family that you can find in Les Ormes, You can adjust to the budget and how many family members you will invite.

It Gives You Different Experiences

Staying in tree house will give you different experiences. The first thing is about getting comfort feeling. It is because there will be no noise around you. You will feel peace inside the house. You also can see the real condition in the forest. Hearing the birds chirping when you wake up in the morning is the best moment.

Increasing Your Health

Increasing your health is the other advantage for you. As the tree house located in forest, it should be safety for the nature or we can call it as an eco-green.  Forest has a pure air which does not contaminated by the pollution or harmful gas. It will increase the quality of your health.

So what are you waiting for? Staying in tree house is very pleasant. Book a cabin at Les Ormes soon and get the unforgettable moments.