6 Smart Tips to Buy a Quality Secondhand House


As a basic necessity, everyone needs a place to live. Unfortunately, the current supply of homes is far below demand, so house prices are becoming very expensive.

Therefore, many people today buy used houses as an alternative to meet the needs of occupancy, because, in addition to the cheaper price compared with new homes, other advantages to buying a used house is liveable.

For those of you who currently want to buy a used house, here are tips on buying a quality used house

No intermediaries

Buying a used house directly on its owner is more advisable. Because you can ask directly about various things related to the house, such as early built, the environment around it, the reason to be sold and so forth.

Another advantage you are free to negotiate, so the price of a used house you can get cheaper. You can be more optimal in bargaining. The seller will not hold the price, because he does not need to pay intermediary commissions.

Choose the right broker

If you have already fallen in love with a house and have to buy it through a broker or intermediary, then make sure the broker can be trusted. You can ask a relationship with a trusted broker. Can also use the services of property brokers that are well known and have high credibility. For more information, please visit https://eboligadvokat.dk

They will usually provide services to deal with documents buying and selling. Sometimes it also helps in the maintenance of mortgages if you want to make transactions on credit.

Watch Environment

The environment is very important, so you feel comfortable and safe when living in the house. Access roads can also be considered if you need a wide road because of having a car, of course, the road can be considered.

Know the age of the building

The age of the house will affect the price of the used house you are going to buy. If less than 10 years is relatively new, ages 10 to 20 years are moderate and the building age of more than 20 years including old buildings.

If the house has been renovated, you can ask when the last house was renovated. Various other things you should know is the quality of the material, the type of structure and the quality of the work. The older house, of course, the quality will go down, if you ask then you also have to prepare additional funds for renovation.

Check the completeness of legality

You should check your home certificate or proof of tax payment and so on. Make sure the name is the same as the name that will sell the house. If you do not have to immediately ask for a name or letter of sale and purchase with the previous owner. This stage is very important because it concerns the law of ownership. Do not let the dispute arise in the future.

Check the market price

For your consideration before buying a used house, you can check how much the market price in an area. So you have a benchmark in the bargain. Do not just search in one place, but you look for it in various places. Ask for a brochure or ask the price of each house for sale, so you have a benchmark if you want to search first home the right.