How to Find a Perfect Mountain EBike: a Detailed Guide

You Perfect Mountain EBike – What Features Shall It Have?

Mountain biking is not an easy sport kind. It is neither cheap. An ebike alone might cost a lot. Thus, we recommend investing in a good ebike instead of looking for compromises.

Why Is an Ebike Preferred?

An electric bicycle has all the components of a traditional bicycle but is equipped with an electric drive unit. Using such a bike is convenient because, with it, you are able to ride longer distances and choose more challenging routes.

Choosing a fast electric mountain bike is the same as choosing any other bike. You decide on the bike style, technical features, and get a model that suits your budget.

Bike Style Depends on Your Needs

First of all, decide on the bike style. We distinguish four of them:

  • Cross-country ebikes: they are created for those bike riders who put pedaling performance as the top priority. They are perfect for uphill rides. These bikes are efficient and lightweight. They lose on downhill though.
  • Trail mountain ebikes: most people associate them with mountain bikes. They are perfect for both uphill climbing and descending.
  • All-mountain ebikes: they are perfect for both downhill and descending. If you want to ride downhill without pedaling, this bike works for it, too.
  • Downhill (freeride) ebikes: as you can guess from the bike name, this machine is designed to ride downhill. They are amazing on steep descends, jumps, drops. But uphill, you have to look for another way to climb there. You can hike, for example.

Do You Want Something That Works in Any Situation?

Now, when you have read about the bike types, you might be wondering whether there is a model that combines all the benefits of every bike category. If we are right, we recommend having a look at Delfast ebike TOP 3.0. It combines all the features of a top-quality mountain bike:

It is perfect for both uphill rides and descending. It isn’t going to disappoint you on a city road, too.

Just have a look at some of its features:

  • The frame is made from reinforced high tensile steel. You can be confident to ride it on any road, in any conditions.
  • A pedal-assist makes the bike perfect for climbing uphill.
  • The battery capacity is up to 600,000 miles/966,000 km (300 charging cycles).
  • A fully charged battery is enough for approximately a 321 km ride.

Don’t forget that a perfect mountain bike is convenient to ride. Thus, you shall consider such factors as the bike size, seat height, and similar. Delfast ebike TOP 3.0 is equipped with an adjustable seat which means that you definitely won`t feel any discomfort when riding the bike.

The carbon drive with one gear provides an optimal shifting performance, and the suspension guarantees the shock resistance of up to 1000LBS.

Final Thoughts

A mountain ebike is always an investment. Consider that you are buying not only a bike but a machine on which you will be relying in harsh conditions indeed. Thus, make sure it complies with all the requirements to a bike according to its use (climbing, descending, or both). 

When you are ready with your list of mandatory features of your e-bike, determine the budget and models that fit. Once you have made an optimal choice, go to the shop to test the bike. While it might be a long procedure to follow, it will pay off.