Danang Hotel ☆☆☆☆ : Cool 4 Star Hotel in Hanoi

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Actually, finding lodging in Hanoi is not difficult. The capital of Vietnam offers many choices spread across its territory. But, because of its strategic location, the Hanoi Old Quarter is the most favorite location, chosen by travelers, including backpackers.

Last October, I deliberately chose backpacker class lodging, when visiting Hanoi for the first time. I made the choice, more because of practicality. Because, it was only a brief visit a few days, alone, and I did more outside activities.

And, that choice turned out to be the right decision! Because Danang Hotel is a backpacker inn that made my visit to Vietnam far more memorable.

Hanoi Old Quarter: Classic and Strategic

I like traveling to the old city. Especially if he is still alive, and traps the past into the present. So, the face of the Hanoi Old Quarter immediately caught the attention, since I researched a trip to the city. Having the opportunity to live in it will certainly be a pleasant experience.

Moreover, Hanoi Old Quarter is not an old city that only boisterous during the day, and then gripping after dusk. However, he continued to beat until the evening before morning. There is always something that can be captured by the camera, and arranged into stories. Besides, several other interesting destinations in the city of Hanoi can also be reached easily from it. Some of them even have enough to walk.

Danang Hotel: Tempting First Impression

Modern & elegant. Those are two words that were immediately implied in my heart when I arrived at the Danang Hotel. It’s unexpected if a hotel can be as good as this

Indeed, buildings in Danang, have a similar style but are made higher for the sake of expanding land. Because in the past, a large place meant a large tax burden.

Similarly, the Danang Hotel. The width is not much, but it is made to rise to seven floors. With a large area, which is in a French style. And equipped with doors and windows that are thick with a European feel.

As a 4 star hotel, Danang Hotel has an eclectic design. Classic on the outside, and industrial chic in the interior. The lobby immediately drew attention. It has a jet-black ceiling and rich interior colors, combined with bright walls and full of attractive artwork.

Room and Breakfast: Many Choices!

An access card, locker key, and clean white towel were handed to me, as an official sign of being the resident. Oh yes, two kinds of collateral choices must be abandoned for that. The choices are: leave the original passport or leave a deposit at the hotel for 100,000 VND.

Before heading to the room, the reception staff told me that my order was upgraded for free. From standard-mixed-dorm rooms for 8 people to mixed-dorm rooms for 8 people. With a larger bed size, and a wider room.

In general, rooms at Danang Hotel Hostel are divided into 4 types. Namely, standard-mixed-dorm rooms for 8 people, mixed-dorm rooms for 14 people, mixed-dorm rooms for 8 people, and female-dorm rooms for 8 people. What distinguishes a standard room with others is the cheapest price and the size of a narrower bed.

The room I received matched expectations. Very similar to the one in the promotional image. The parquet floor is clean and slippery because every footwear only stops until the shelf is in the doorway. The air conditioner is also regulated in sufficient coolness. And for the size of the dormitory, I feel that the room I live in is quite spacious. Even while staying there, I was able to freely pray five times without obstructing the movements of other residents.

The room where I stayed overnight felt comfortable. Filled with a bed and a soft pillow covered with clean linen, which is equipped with a blanket. Inside there is also an LED reading lamp and two AC power sockets. Coupled with a thick curtain that provides additional privacy. As well as a locker large enough under the bed, to store bags and other luggage.

Also, it turns out that Danang Hotel also has other types of rooms. Which is more suitable for those who are in pairs, or stay for three, and need additional privacy. Namely twin, double and triple rooms.

All three types of rooms were equipped with a private bathroom. Unlike dormitory rooms, which use shared bathrooms. But it is quiet, even though it is communal, all bathrooms in Danang Hotel are very clean.

The breakfast was delicious and filling, always a plus for the accommodation that I stayed. And the Danang Hotel meets that requirement.

Because in addition to an exciting dining room design, the choice of food provided is quite diverse. Starting from bread with several types of jam, local fruits, cereals, to the delicious Pho Ga. The drink also has many choices. Consists of water, tea, coffee, soy milk, full cream milk, to orange juice. All of which can be obtained independently.

Social Areas: Not Just Complementary

It seems that Danang Hotel understands if sometimes travelers choose to stay in a hotel not only because of the price factor. But also to socialize with other travelers.

So, in addition to rooms and other standard lodging rooms, Danang Hotel is also equipped with several communal areas for socializing. Includes a relaxing area that is more suitable for solitude. Among these are the bar and cafe on the first floor, games room on the second floor, and the television and library room on the sixth floor. Coupled with a rooftop on the seventh floor, which has views off towards the city of Hanoi.

During my stay there, I more often chatted in the lobby with Nam. One of the hotel staff, who turned out to have attended a full university at a renowned private university in my country. In addition, the television room and library, as well as the rooftop, are my other favorite areas. Especially when surfing in cyberspace through a qualified WiFi hostel connection.

Overall, in my opinion, the Danang Hotel is a reliable inn. Imagine, to stay with all the facilities above, including a delicious and satisfying breakfast, I only paid around 1956536.42 dongs, – only per night. Its location is very strategic, it is also easy to reach and reach Noi Bai International Airport

If there is a fortune back to Hanoi alone, surely I will make time to stay at the Danang Hotel again.