A Little Concerned After Reading Wiki Travel

Wiki TravelA Wikipedia-like wiki journey information might be a tremendous, free useful resource for info-hungry travelers. The present efforts have been starved for resources.

Unable to scale people, we turned to scaling know-how as an alternative: as a substitute of guide enhancing, why not automate the entire process as an alternative? The feeble jaws of our engine were less than the duty of digesting the entire of Wikitravel, however at Wikimania 2008 in Cairo I had been launched to German brainiacs PediaPress , whose fearsome mwlib parser beat the pants off ours and could eat the whole lot of Wikipedia for lunch. They produced an superior demo of a Wikitravel e-book, and next yr I flew right down to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the place we shared a stand, drank beer and dreamed massive.

I’ve been talking with the Creative Commons of us, and they have a aim of revising some of their licenses this winter. One revision will be to make ShareAlike licenses suitable with the GFDL That’ll imply that Wikitravel content might be imported into Mediawiki projects. Unfortunately, GFDL’d content won’t be able to enter Wikitravel, but that is one other fish to fry.

Where to begin? First, Internet Brands did not give” Holliday administrator entry; he has been an administrator since June 2005 , before Internet Brands bought the positioning. Second, administrative entry isn’t necessary to mail customers, as anyone who is logged in can do it: this is a kind for sending mail to all people’s favourite Internet Brands apologist, Paul IBobi” ‘Brien. (Be good, mmkay?) And third, bolster the looks” and writing to them by name” are just nonsensical, since MediaWiki type e-mails clearly show the identify of the sender and does not expose any of the receiver’s private information.

The selection of utilizing the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license comes out of this concentration on paper output (see the page Mav mentioned for particulars). The GFDL has some hefty requirements for redistribution, and we wanted to lighten these. So, we went with the CC by-sa, because it is about as shut as you may get to the copyleft spirit of the GFDL.

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