These Various Types Of Facilities Existing In 5 Star Hotels

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Each hotel in the world has a classification that is distinguished by its star level, which starts from 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars to 5-star hotels. 5-star hotels are the highest level in the world of hospitality and usually, the facilities offered are complete and really excellent, recommend the hotel 5 Star Hotel Saigon is the best.

5-star hotels have special standards both in terms of service and facilities that make it different from hotels with lower levels. As you know, 5-star hotels generally charge the most expensive prices because they carry the interior and luxurious and classy facilities.

Various kinds of facilities in a 5-star hotel are a 24-hour reception service with staff who speak various languages ​​to facilitate communication with guests from abroad. Receptionists or 5-star hotel employees master at least 2 languages, Local Language and English as an international language. They are deliberately employed … Read more


We have the tendency as students to want to achieve the best from our dissertations. Mostly likely, and to most students, their dissertation is the most memorable part of their college life. The dissertation makes students need to go an extra mile, leave their cocoons and do thorough research. It is therefore your obligation to ensure that you give it your best so that you can get the best and never have a reason to regret.

The paragraphs below are tips on how you can make your tourism dissertation the best in your college. Note that these tips have been compiled within the 12 years I have been a dissertation expert and more so in tourism management.


If you are in control of topic selection, ensure that you select a tourism dissertation topic that you find interesting, a topic that you feel you will enjoy covering. This is … Read more

A Simple Way to Help Your Employees Improve Their Work

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Team building activities are a simple way to help your employees increase their capacity to work together more productively. These activities are fun events but they teach you strong lessons about problem solving, communication, trust and respect among team members. The participants, as well as management, benefited from this lesson. Team building activities provide an opportunity for management to witness the dynamics that occur among team members who give them a better idea of ​​how to lead, manage, and communicate with them.

Team building activities can vary from simple children’s play to complex problem solving challenges. The activity can be indoors or outdoors and can be done during the day or at night. Props are needed in this exercise and are inexpensive but one element that you need to invest in is a professional and experienced facilitator. Qualified facilitators can properly arrange, monitor and evaluate exercises. A poorly trained facilitator … Read more