Why we’re proud to partner with Movember

I couldn’t put it any better than Ollie, one of the MoBros who explored Europe with us last summer. As he sat in Venice, sipping an Aperol (as you do), he said “It’s great when you travel, because you have a community of guys to feel and speak to each other about something other the usual small talk and work.”

And that’s the point. Travel gives us a space away from the daily grind to open up with people who listen. It gives us community when we can’t find it back home. And through showing us the world in all of its dizzying, vast beauty, it can even put some of our personal problems into perspective. 

So we’re proud to partner with Movember. Because whether it’s raising awareness by growing a wispy ‘tache, or giving guys a space where they can connect under the Italian sun, we share their ambitions. We need to change the tide and shift the conversation around men’s mental health. And by working together, year after year, we can hopefully show more men around the world that a simple convo with a bro can do more than raise a smile. It can save a life.