Introducing Contiki’s Plus range. Same social travel. Just a bit fancy.

Let’s be real, Greek Island Hopping is already a gem. Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Ios & Athens. Sand. Sea. Souvlaki. Sunsets. Buzzing party nights and lazy sun-soaked days. Charming villages, natural coves and plenty of ancient history to seek your teeth into. It’s a glorious adventure that suits every type of traveller, and considering how pricy these islands can be, it’s a pretty damn good deal too (if we may say so ourselves).

So, what’s the cherry on top?

Greek Island Hopping Plus brings you all the beauty, beaches, history and nightlife of the regular version. But it’s, you know, a bit more fancy. So you’ll be sleeping twin-share instead of multi-share. You’ll have swimming pools at every property bar one (often enjoying sweeping sea views). And you’ll be staying in 3-4* hotels with gorgeous communal areas. That may not be worth splashing a bit extra for everyone, but hey, if you like your creature comforts, we thought we’d give you the option. You’re welcome!

How do I book Greek Island Hopping Plus?

Easy! Just scroll down on the trip page and select the plus variation!