First time flying solo? Here’s how to navigate the airport by yourself

For international flights, you should arrive 2-3 hours before your departure time. At the airport, you’ll need to check in; this can be done at the airline desk or online, however consider checking in at the airport for your first time – essentially, this process confirms your booking with the airline.

At the counter, you will:

  • Have your passport scanned.
  • Receive your boarding passes* and baggage claim card (if you haven’t checked in online and received your boarding pass digitally).
  • Weigh bags and hand over any checked luggage (carry-on luggage is subject to size limitations)

*If you need to change planes and have booked flights on separate tickets, you will need to acquire your next boarding pass from the airline’s transfer desk at the following airport! You may also need to collect your checked luggage.

Once you’ve completed check in, follow the ‘DEPARTURE GATES’ sign.