Comfortable Holiday Tips during Long Weekend

Often we prefer quality over quantity. Same thing in the holidays. Vacation in a long time does not guarantee a person’s level of satisfaction.

You can, really take advantage of a three week long weekend into a more memorable holiday, by applying some tips below!

1. Wise set holiday destinations

Avoid the mainstream vacation places that most people will go to during a long weekend. For example like to the amusement park, water-park, famous beaches, and so forth. Especially if the location is in traffic jams.

You could be tired first on the road because stuck in traffic. Not to mention the atmosphere of a crowded tourist attractions after arriving. Your short time will only run out on the road, the body becomes so inadequate.

Beach camp on the beach is still “virgin” or a cheerful camper at the foot of the mountain could be an alternative. Although the atmosphere will be more crowded than usual days, but still quieter than the Water Park, right?

2. Mode of transportation

Customize the mode of transportation with destination destinations and vacation time you have. For example want a vacation to some place. Avoid spending time and energy driving alone. Better to spend a little pocket to ride the plane, but could have more time to explore the destination city.

3. Monitor weather conditions

The weather is erratic lately make a bit of anxiety if you want to travel in an outdoor place. Mornings may be sunny, but the afternoon suddenly rains heavily. If you have this, we need to anticipate.

For example by bringing an umbrella or raincoat, can also anticipate the destination tourism. If you want to avoid rain, it’s better to move under 2 pm or 3 pm.

4. Limit the number of destinations

When the holiday to a new place, we tend explore place as much as possible, though in a short time. Though this style of holiday even tired of itself, you know! It’s true to taste several places at once, but the name “tasting” clearly different taste satisfied with “eat”.

Do not let the sensation of vacation even forgotten because we are too focused to move from one place to another while being chased time. Really love!

5. Do not take too many entourage

Holiday raids can save budget, but keep in mind also more and more people who participated, the potential of his drama was increased. Starting from the time delay because of waiting for each other until the dilemma of the division of the room while staying. Things to choose where to eat it can be long if everyone has different tastes.

6. Choose a strategic lodging location

If planning to stay either in a hotel, villa, or resort, research first the location and the surrounding conditions. How far is it with your main destinations, are there other destinations nearby, to access the vehicle.

Do not get tempted cheap lodging but it is located in the middle of nowhere. Want to go anywhere, minimal food sellers, or just the distance to the destination half way home. Unfortunately, the gasoline and energy.