10 Common Fears That Stop You From Traveling Solo

Travelling AloneSure, I had the odd nervous second, which is natural. It’s good to really feel a bit scared, so long as you cope with your worries by staying knowledgeable. I obtained advice from books, and this glorious web site in fact! It’s better than being blasé and wandering into hazard. That stated, there is no point staying awake at night worrying, being so paranoid it ruins your journey. There is a stability. It appears scary, however the media exaggerate horror tales. You by no means hear on the news that hundreds of girls backpacked round the world safely. You may get mugged or crushed up in your home city on a Friday night.

It depends on the aim and the places I plan to visit. For a fun-filled vacation trip, I’d prefer to have a gaggle of close friends and family to take pleasure in with. However, extra typically than naught, I’d choose to journey alone to locations of my choosing that I want to see for reasons more than enjoyable. I’ve had quite a few experiences of visiting a museum or a historical place, with my buddies dashing away after a fast look and me wandering about still. There are some things that not everybody appreciates, and might be totally loved solely when one can savor it on his personal.

I skipped off to south-east Asia to fulfill my childhood finest pal on a remote island referred to as Tioman off the coast of Peninsula Malaysia. I had by no means skilled Islamic culture earlier than, so arriving with responsibility-free cocktail mixers was definitely not de rigueur. Once I received the hang of solo travel and an understanding of cross-cultural borders (by way of Malaysia and Thailand), I felt liberated by independence and risk.

I prefer to journey alone, mainly because I have had a number of dangerous experiences traveling with others. I infrequently travel with household, because they don’t have a complete lot of cash to travel. When I get the chance to journey I often go together with buddies. Which often means, I need to go on a trip, and they wish to go along.

All mother and father fear, but if they love you they won’t need to restrict you. My mum did have the odd moment of parental concern (for instance, suggesting I take a private rape alarm), but so long as you present you’ve thought of questions of safety and are responsible, they will sit back. My mum is quite cool, and has been impressed by my travels; she desires to journey the world in her retirement!

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