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Wiki TravelThere are currently no database dumps of Wikitravel accessible for obtain. Some folks have asked to make dumps out there.

UPDATE: Jay Walsh, a Wikimedia Foundation spokesperson, says the board mentioned the journey information proposal at its most recent assembly, but didn’t decide. Clearer separation between objective and subjective journey information. Wikis are great for the prepare takes quarter-hour and costs $2.50”, however not so much for the pizzas are nice and the music rocks”. Allowing multiple feedback, critiques or ratings of some form for listings is needed. Wikitravel was founded in 2003 by Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins of Montreal. In April 2006, they sold their free, open, journey information website to Internet Brands of Los Angeles in April 2006.

I realized that this was not a hundred% true. I am not a lawyer, by the way. The following is not legal recommendation. One of the things about … Read more