Marrakech camel ride

“Does it bite?”

No, Luna, it likes you.

On our Marrakech desert tours, you’ll be introduced to a camel. You’ll be given some personal time in order to get to know them better, you know, form the usual camel-human relationship. Once you two are good, you’ll get to roam the desert as you witness the gorgeous sunset.

Camels have been exploited for for milk, meat, hides, and wool. But with us, they’re pampered, well fed, and given plenty of time to socialise. Rest assured, you’ll be with a relaxed, full of life, joyous camel.

On their first ride. Thomas was excited. Unlike little Luna, she wasn’t sure. It sniffed her for a couple of seconds, accompanied with Luna’s hesitant laughter, and then she gave it a pat. She got on with her dad, exploring the desert along with Hamid.

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The 13 Best Places to Travel Alone on the United States

1. Chinatown

New York City is not only known as the largest city, but also the most densely populated city apparently has a Chinese settlement and there are six locations that can be found in this city. One location that tourists can visit is in Manhattan. If you are looking for an Asian smelling spot, of course Chinatown is the right place to explore, especially in this area that is truly complete. Various tourism objects related to culture and history are offered in this place, along with many Chinese restaurants.

2. Statue of Liberty

The icon from the United States is a statue of a giant woman holding the following torch wearing a crown of thorns is a national monument. For those who want to see or take pictures with the background of this statue must go to Liberty Island or an island located in New York Harbor. The Statue Read more